Jamestown Insurance Company a RRG in Liquidation

Jamestown Placed Into Liquidation
Order Commencing Liquidation Proceedings
Issued February 5, 2013


An Order Commencing Liquidation Proceedings & Granting An Injunction & Automatic Stay of Proceedings for Case 2012-CP-40-6360, Raymond G. Farmer, as Director of the South Carolina Department of Insurance vs Jamestown Insurance Company, was signed by Judge Cooper in the State of South Carolina Richland County Court of Common Pleas Fifth Judicial Circuit on February 5, 2013.


The Petitioner, Raymond G. Farmer, and his successors in office were named Liquidator. Michael J. FitzGibbons of FitzGibbons and Company, Inc. was named Special Deputy Liquidator. Please see the Notice of Legal Rights and Obligations for important information regarding the liquidation process.

Proof of Claim Process

All persons who may have claims against Jamestown must file a verified original Proof of Claim (POC). The DEADLINE for filing claims is 5:00 p.m. MST on June 5, 2013.  For more information concerning the Proof of Claim process, please see Proof of Claim Notice and Proof of Claim Form and Instructions.

Cancellation of All Policies

By issue of the Liquidation Order, and pursuant to South Carolina Code of Laws, all Jamestown Insurance Company policies will cancel no later than March 7, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Policies may cancel earlier than this date. For complete details see Notice to Policyholders & Agents.


Due to the Order, Jamestown will no longer defend or pay for the defense of its insureds. Therefore, any insured in such a situation should make arrangements to employ independent counsel to defend against any legal action which would otherwise be covered under a Jamestown policy.

New Address

Jamestown Insurance Company

9821 N. 95th Street

Suite 105

Scottsdale, AZ 85258